Why you should vote for me:

I pledge to solicit public input and act on what the public wants. I have leadership experience in a variety of community and governing organizations.  I am a small business owner, a community activist and have lived in Chapel Hill for almost 30 years.

Chapel Hill is a unique place to work, live and play.  We are a university town that values education, diversity, social justice, the environment, and quality of life. We need growth and development that reflect those values while enhancing our tax base.  Overly intense residential development has the potential to create more traffic, negatively compromise the environment and increase taxes in the long run.  

We need to improve our collaboration with all members of our community, the University, the school-system, the county, and our neighbors.  This open dialogue will enrich our town and keep us true to our values.

I believe we can have the kind of leadership that grows and improves our town, while actively listening and responding to its citizens.  Vote for a change in leadership and vote Pam for Mayor.

Download my Press Release (PDF)